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Navigating the Digital Age Guide in Japan – Why Now, Why Japan?

Today, nobody denies the importance of cybersecurity. Yet, we still struggle with identifying needed actions to prevent successful cyberattacks. There are two reasons for this. First, information and communication technologies (ICT) and cybersecurity underpin almost every single aspect of our personal lives and governmental activities – from business operations and risk management, diplomacy, finance, law, medical services, national security, energy…

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A Global Model: UK’s “National Cyber Security Strategy”

The UK government recently released its new National Cyber Security Strategy 2016-2021. Recognizing that cyberattacks on the UK are a top threat to the UK’s economic and national security, the strategy outlines a vision and goals to create a UK that is secure and resilient to cyberthreats, as well as prosperous and confident in the digital world. The UK has…

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Poland Expands Leadership Role on Cybersecurity

At the end of September, I had the opportunity to attend the second annual CYBERSEC EU conference in Krakow, Poland. Organized by the Kosciuszko Institute (a prominent think tank), with support from Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NATO, the conference drew more than 700 attendees, including more than 100 speakers spanning government officials, industry experts and practitioners.  While many…