The Ransomware Plague Is Just Beginning

It’s not exactly a no-brainer, but the success of ransomware in 2017 leads us to a logical prediction that more successful ransomware attacks will continue to plague organizations in 2018. These attacks will increase both in volume and sophistication, which will make it even more challenging for security vendors of yesteryear to prevent these attacks and fulfill their basic promise of protecting their customers.

It isn’t just legacy vendors that are challenged, however. Ransomware causes headaches for shiny “next-gen” products that rely heavily on detection-and-response capabilities because, once ransomware has evaded prevention techniques, the damage has already been done: files/folders are encrypted, and the business is impacted. (But hey, if you need a pretty process tree, they’re your vendor.) Rollback features are the equivalent of rolling the dice, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, which is not a strategy.