Navigating the Digital Age, Second Edition

Following on the heels of our successful first edition, we’ve invited dozens of futurists, business leaders, technologists and cybersecurity experts to contribute to the second edition of “Navigating the Digital Age.” They’ll provide thought-provoking, usable insights about how we’ll work together, learn from our mistakes and craft a secure digital future. Printed copies will be available in September/October 2018, but we’re pre-releasing it in three e-volumes, each with a distinct theme:

  • Volume 1: The Future of Threat and Risks
    What are the possibilities of the Digital Age? Why is there so much urgency to address digital threats? Can cybersecurity enable business growth and innovation?
  • Volume 2: Lessons From Today’s World
    What have we learned from attacks and their aftermath? How can we apply those lessons to protect our future? Are new regulations enough protection?
  • Volume 3: Make Sure You’re Covered for Tomorrow
    What do you need to know to prepare for the future? What critical questions should you be asking your security experts? What steps should you be taking now?

If we fail on the cybersecurity front, we put all our visions and aspirations at risk. So, we begin this book with a simple proposition: when it comes to cybersecurity, we have no choice but to succeed.

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