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Podcast: Adam Pierno Chief Strategy Officer, Santy

In this episode of Cybersecurity Briefing, Alan interviews Adam Pierno, chief strategy officer at Santy, and the author of “Under Think It,” a new book that aims to be a marketing strategy guidebook for everyone. Pierno has risen up from companies and agencies, such as Hill Holiday and JWT, and his clients have included Bona, Delta Air Lines, Domino’s Pizza, Dunkin’ Donuts, Harvest Snaps, Mercedes-Benz, Pocky, and Verizon. When it comes to cybersecurity, this creative executive, unfortunately, still sees it as an afterthought in too many companies. He also thinks that marketers could do more to help the cause by thinking up front about what data they really need to acquire—there is much needless data amassed, he said, that is “at risk” for no reason from various kinds of attacks. Listen to his chat with Alan for more.

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