Mihoko Matsubara

Chief Security Officer, Japan at Palo Alto Networks

Mihoko Matsubara is Chief Security Officer for Japan at Palo Alto Networks. In this role, she is responsible for developing thought leadership, threat intelligence and security best practices for the cyber security community and business executives in Japan.

Prior to this, she served the Japanese Ministry of Defense for nine years until she received the Fulbright Scholarship to pursue her MA in International Relations and Economics at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Washington DC.

Upon graduation, she worked at a think tank in Honolulu, Pacific Forum CSIS, as a fellow to research Japan-US cyber security cooperation. After she came back to Tokyo, where she is currently based, she worked at Hitachi Systems as cyber security analyst to research cyber threat environments and policy issues, and also at Intel K.K., Tokyo, as Cyber Security Policy Director to lead cyber security and IoT policy influence efforts in Japan.

She has had various publications and speakerengagements. Her most recent publications include “Countering Cyber-Espionage and Sabotage: The Next Steps for Japanese-UK Cyber-security Co-operation” from the RUSI Journal, and “Japan’s New Cybersecurity Strategy: Security Without Thwarting Economic Growth” from the Council on Foreign Relations’ blog.

She is the first Japanese speaker (2015) at the NATO International Conference on Cyber Conflict in Estonia.

Mihoko Matsubara Contributions

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