CISO: Desk Reference Guide; A Practical Guide for CISOs Volume 2

Originally published on the Palo Alto Networks Blog by Rick Howard.

We modeled the Cybersecurity Canon after the Baseball or Rock & Roll Hall-of-Fame, except for cybersecurity books. We have more than 25 books on the initial candidate list, but we are soliciting help from the cybersecurity community to increase the number to be much more than that. Please write a review and nominate your favorite. 

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Executive Summary

I recommend “CISO: Desk Reference Guide; A Practical Guide for CISOs volume 2” be included in the Cybersecurity Canon Hall of Fame candidate list alongside its first volume companion. These two books will provide any CISO – newbie or ragged veteran – the reference material to build and improve their security programs. The authors present the essentials and represent the perfect example of what a desk reference guide should be: a collection and starting point for topics that all current and aspiring CISOs should know about. The content may not be the final word on many of these subjects, but it is a fantastic place readers can start to think about their own ideas regarding what the role of a CISO is and will be in the next decade. Where they take that knowledge from there is on them.