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Board Members Should Care—a Lot—About Credentials Theft

As a board member, you are well aware that cyber adversaries have had much success, these past few years, leveraging weaknesses in their victims’ security controls at each stage of the attack life cycle. You have responded by approving your CIOs and CISOs requests for millions of dollars of security equipment designed to prevent and detect cyber adversaries. And you…

Risk Management & Threat

Cybersecurity Lessons from the Target Litigation

The following is excerpted from “Avoiding the Bullseye: CyberSecurity Lessons from the Target Litigation” a recent paper written by David M. Furr, JD and originally published on the American Bar Association website. Traditional retail in the United States has had two distinct issues negatively affecting its survival in this decade. First, the proliferation of E-commerce companies has severely reduced the…

Risk Management & Threat

Threat Intelligence: It Isn’t a Competition

Yesterday, I stepped on a stage in San Francisco with CEOs and leaders from five other cybersecurity companies – Check Point, Cisco, Fortinet, Intel Security and Symantec – to announce the revamped, bigger and now-independent Cyber Threat Alliance. Normally, we are competitors. However, the Cyber Threat Alliance brings us all together in good faith to share threat information for the…

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