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Our Mission

SecurityRoundtable.org, powered by Palo Alto Networks®, is a resource for executives looking for insightful yet actionable information about the cybersecurity landscape. Our mission is to educate and inform C-level executives and other business leaders tasked with setting the tone for cybersecurity culture within their organizations.

Security Roundtable publishes balanced, well-reported original features, interviews, videos and analysis in a readable, informational and entertaining way. Our content creators are industry experts providing an objective, brand-agnostic opinion, along with partners, influencers and topical experts within the industry and the greater business world.

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How to Contribute

SecurityRoundtable.org is more than a destination to learn what it takes to strengthen your organization’s cybersecurity. It’s also a community where senior leaders come to share their own ideas and stories. And we want to hear from you!

Contributors can submit content on topics that matter to business leaders and directors, including trends, best practices and even contrarian viewpoints. All content – must be exclusive to SecurityRoundtable.org. That means it hasn’t run elsewhere. Also, please check your product and company pitches at the door. All content must be vendor- and product-neutral. Any data included should be cited to a source.

How to Pitch an Article
To submit your pitch, please send the following via email to contributors@securityroundtable.org

  • Your name and contact information.
  • A two- to four-paragraph summary or a copy (in Word format) of the full article you would like to have published attached to the email.
  • The name, title, company and a two- to three-line biography of the contributor. Please include a high-resolution photo (.jpg preferred) to accompany the article.